About COLA

The Coalition of Library Advocates (COLA) is a grass-roots library support group that seeks to improve the quality of life for Rhode Islanders by supporting libraries of all kinds. Through advocacy, education, and public awareness activities, COLA works to help improve library services throughout the state.


COLA has supported Rhode Island libraries for thirty years. Through petitions, Congressional testimony, and strategic communications with RI legislators, COLA has helped pass laws and enact budgets favorable to libraries.


COLA’s mission includes educating the public about the services Rhode Island libraries have to offer. We sponsor educational programs and training sessions, host cultural programs at libraries, and provide two scholarships to the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at URI.


COLA has been a catalyst for inter-group communication since its founding, bringing together educators, professionals, parents, students, and Friends’ groups. While many of our members are librarians, COLA also seeks library users and supporters from all fields.

Please Join Us!

Bring your energy, ideas, and vision to help ensure an information-rich future for Rhode Island.