2016 Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m
Rhode Island State House Governor’s State Room

You are cordially invited to join COLA in celebrating and supporting Rhode Island libraries

Guest Speaker: Tony Estrella, artistic director, Gamm Theatre A Serious House on Serious Earth It Is: Becoming Human Again at your Local Library


  • Sweetheart of the Year: Cheryl A. McCarthy
  • William Bergeron Award: Chelsea Ordner
  • Linda Aldrich Award: Alyssa Taft
  • William E. Reeves Friends Recognition Awards

Business Meeting:

  • Election of Officers and Board
  • Other Business

TonyEstrellaGuest speaker Tony Estrella is the artistic director of The Gamm Theatre/Alias Stage. Since 1996 he has acted in more than 30 Gamm productions, from Shakespeare (he played both Macbeth and Hamlet) to premieres of Howard Brenton’s Anne Boleyn and Paul Grellong’s Radio Free Emerson. He has been equally versatile as a writer, adapting classics and modern works, and as a director. Tony’s other theater work includes productions at Trinity Reperto- ry Company and Boston Playwrights Theater. He has appeared on film in Scorsese’s The Departed, Wells’ The Company Men and Lonergan’s 2016 Manchester by the Sea. On TV he has appeared in episodes of Showtime’s “Brotherhood” and NBC’s “Law and Order.” He has been on the University of Rhode Island’s theater faculty since 1997.


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